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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can will get rid of the "Color Warning" System now?

Throughout the day, if you watched the news, read the news, or basically were anywhere but under a rock, you know that officials in the U.K. have "thwarted" another planned terrorists attack, utilizing "possibly" liquid explosives.

However, what you may not have noticed unless you were paying really close attention were some interesting facts, which tell me that the "Terror Alert System" put in place by then Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge is worthless, and nothing but a propoganda tool.

In the details of the stories on yesterdays events, came some "background material" that seemed almost to be "filler." How we were able to stop this thanks to some fantastic undercover work and how they had been tracking this for months. Through this undercover work they were aware that a "test run" was only possibly a few days away and the actual attack would happen within days after that. As the events unfolded in the early morning hours, the President had not even been awoken, because he had already been fully briefed and was aware of what was happening since Sunday.

Wait... What??

This attack was "imminent," we were "fully aware" of it on Sunday and yet our Status remained Yellow? "Code Red" means the very real threat of attack in IMMINENT, so why were we still at Yellow? It was not until AFTER the fact that we went to "Code Red" on international travel. What if the timing of all of this was off? Since we knew of these "unfolding scenario" for MONTHS and we were fully apprised of the immediacy of the situation since SUNDAY, should we not have HEIGHTEN SECURITY IMEDIATELY? Of course we should have.

The fact is that the "Terror Alert Color System" is nothing but a tool and toy to use to allow the Press to scare the bejesus out of people. So just toss it already. It is nothing but a sham, and the way these events unfolded without the system changing "colors" until after the fact shows just how useless it is.

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