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Friday, July 14, 2006

The loose tooth

Well, now that everybody that is visiting is searching for information on what happened in Wild West City... I am moving on. I truely wish Mr. Harris a speedy recovery. But there is really nothing new for me to talk about until either law enforcement comes up with something or somebody will take jurisdiction as to rules of safety at "theme parks" that include "show guns."

So I am going to divert my attention elsewhere. More specifically into LatteGirl's mouth. We have confirmation of her first real loose tooth. "Real" loose tooth you may be asking. Yes. You see, it seems that compared to her friends, LatteGirl is the only one (or one of very few) that has not lost a tooth yet, so in her efforts to "catch up" with her friends we have had some what I can best call phantom allegations of a tooth coming loose. But this time, it is certainly and definitely loose.

Now time as passed and of course the memory fades, but I don't remember being this excited about a loose tooth. Oh yeah, I was excited when it fell out (CASH!!!... or more correctly back then "COINS!!!"), but I don't remember thinking of this as a right of passage to being "big" as she does now.

I told her, she is not allowed to lose her baby teeth yet! Basically, her response was to tell me to deal with it. Her Birthday was only a little more than a month ago, and already I think there are far too many firsts that have come being 6 than I am ready to "deal with."

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