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Thursday, July 13, 2006

There is something not right in Dodge.

Or more correctly, in Wild West City, a recreation of Dodge City, Kansas. Now, I understand after an accident like the one my wife and daughter witnessed, that officials at Wild West City would have a "No Comment" when questioned about the incident, particularly while there is still an investigation going on, but other things do not make sense.

In today's Star Ledger, it is reported that the Actor still in coma after shot to head at Wild West City, the article goes on to state that according to First Assistant Sussex County Prosecutor William Fitzgibbons, "At first, no one -- not even the emergency medical technicians who responded Friday -- realized Harris had been shot. The only sign of injury was a 'scratch' on his forehead." Fitzgibbons went on to state that, "They thought he either had a convulsion or hit his head on something and was unconscious." I double checked with TheWife, and she said quite certainly that this was NOT the case, and that it was immediately obvious at the time that he had been shot in the head.

And even after a Pastor, who is acting as a spokesman for the family told the press that doctors had informed the family that a Bullet was found in his brain, that the fact that the "projectile" was in fact a bullet, Fitzgibbons is disputing it with comments like it is still being investigated whether it was a bullet for something else that was expelled from a gun loaded with blanks, and my favorite stupid comment, "Why would live ammunition even be there?" Well now, on any normal day, that is certainly true, but on a normal day none of the actors wind up in a coma with something lodged in his brain, so THAT would be a good question for the police to investigate, rather than being the reason you are continuing to deny that it is a bullet.

So why is this all so confusing? Why conflicting reports in the press? Is it because they are trying to protect Wild West City from a possible backlash from the event? Is it because an investigation did not start until "hours later" which could have hindered the investigation since evidence obviously could have been compromised/erased in that time? Could it be a cover up of sorts? Or is it simply a case of a prosecutor from Sussex County not knowing how to deal with the press?

Side Notes: TheWife tried to contact Wild West City for an update directly, because as she says, "not only employees of the park are affected by this." But like I said, their "no comment or details" stance is certainly understandable at this point. I suggested she contact the Byram Police Department (as the request in the papers). But to be honest, I would not want them to start questioning LatteGirl about the events either. The quicker this fades in memory as far as I am concerned the better.

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