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Monday, May 01, 2006

Review: Boca Java's Blogs of Bravery

Their Description - 'The Real Story in Real Time.' Front line fuel from a blend of South American dark and medium roasts to create a well balanced smooth taste.

What I thought - I admit that I tried this blend with much trepidation. It is a blend of dark and medium roasts. That sounds good, but they went directly to "well balanced smooth" in the description not bothering with words like "rich" or "robust" anywhere, and considering how the New Media Maverick was lacking in body and was described as "robust", I was not expecting a much from this blend. Well, I am glad to say how wrong I was. It is not harsh, or overpoweringly strong. But it is a rich flavor. Again, a remarkably smooth taste (which seems to be the trademark they are going after and to that end they are doing an amazingly good job), but unlike the New Media Maverick Blend, this was a taste that could be enjoyed. It is a blend that can work any time of day from a breakfast eye opener, to a perfect compliment with dessert in the evening.

Who would like this coffee - If you like rich taste, would like Starbuck's House Blend, or perhaps their Gold Coast Blend, without the bitter aftertaste, then this is a coffee you can sit back and enjoy. Even people who generally trend towards milder coffee may enjoy this as it does not have the smokey undertones or residual bitterness often associated with stronger blends. The truly meek LiteNote types of drinkers may however still find this a bit too much for their tastebuds, but otherwise this is coffee like it is supposed to be enjoyed.

Overall rating - I give this one 4 out of 5 stars. Definitely a cut above the ordinary. This is why people like micro-batch roasted coffee. Roasted for taste not strength, it provides all the taste you want without the bitter side-effect of mass over roasting.

For more information on this or other blends, visit their website at, or

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