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Saturday, April 29, 2006

A New kind of hurt

Headed out this morning to join in on the Community Clean Up project while TheWife took LatteGirl to dance class. The plan was for them to join up with me after class was finished. To be honest I didn't expect this to be as big a deal as it was. I expected to be handed a garbage bag, and to pick up trash along the riverbank, photo ops for the Town representative, and that would be it. But we actually cleared out the old Boat Launch area, removed a huge amount of weends, and when all was completed we loaded 3 dump trucks with debris, garbage, and big nasty weeds that grow along the waterfront.

Fortunately (for my weary legs), and unfortunately (because LatteGirl was not happy about it), they wrapped things up a little early so the girls could not join in on the work.

We decided that if she really wanted to work on cleaning that badly, LatteGirl could help me clean out the shed. Spring cleaning of the shed is a spring right of passage around here. Every year pulling out all the summer things that have been stored away and made the shed usuable.

Well LatteGirl was not only into it, she was a huge help. Seriously. I mean usually she TRIES to help, but in doing so makes things take somewhat longer than if she didn't help, but in this case she kept pace (and even helped push me as I started slowing down... but hey, I had been at this since 9 AM). So, after a good solid 7 hours of outdoor cleaning, my legs now feel like really HEAVY RUBBER!

The local church had a rummage sale, so after cleaning up, as sort of a reward, I took LatteGirl over to shop. A reward for her because she got to pick something out, a reward for me because she could get a veritable boatload of books for about $2. She found a couple of good books for her to practice her reading, and she found a "Cat in the Hat" board game. I had never heard of it before. It was actually quite a simplistic game, but she enjoyed it. I found for myself a Black & Decker Home Cafe. For those who do not know what that is, it is a coffee machine that takes these little "pods" of coffee, and brews a single cup at a time. For a big coffee drinker like me, not something I would use normally, but for the mornings when I only have time for one cup before running out the door for work, it seems like a good idea. I was just not willing to drop $40 bucks (or so) on it, not knowing whether or not I would like it. But for $8, brand new (it must've been a gift that somebody never opened) I am certainly willing to give it a shot. So I will report back once I have given it a shot.

Speaking of giving it a shot I still have a couple of Boca Java Reviews , which I will probably write up tomorrow while the ladies of the house are out (I am actually relying on a fresh pot of Blogs of Bravery blend to keep me awake as I type). Assuming I do not get too long a honey-do list before the go. Go? Oh, yeah, the are going to see "The Bearnstein Bears" tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure how, but I managed to weasel my way out of this one.

I should probably get to bed early tonight, but the bed seems so faaaaaaar from my computer right about now. Perhaps I can just scoot the keyboard over, put my head down and sleep right here.

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