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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Review: Boca Java's Bloggers Beach Blast Blend

Their Description - 'Go ahead. Make my blog.' This luscious flavored coffee will make your blog! Featuring a tantalizing combination of chocolate and caramel.

What I thought - I decided to go with this one next, so as to alternate the flavored blends and the real coffee. I decided the weekend was also the best time to try and enjoy this coffee, this way if it was awful, I still had time to make something else without having to worry about running late.

Fortunately, I did not need the extra time as this coffee was extremely drinkable, and coming from me, who does not particulary care for flavored coffees that is a compliment. I would be remiss if I did not note that in particular I find the somewhat bizarre taste that is supposed to be caramel is highly pronounced in this blend. If you like that taste, then you will like this coffee. It is the same taste that I have noticed in every coffee (and some syrups) that allege to have the taste of caramel, so this one is no worse than any other, but no better either.

The hints of dark cocoa chocolate taste were there, but suprisingly not overbearing, and if it wasn't for the caramel twinge I may have actually thought this was GOOD. But unfortunately I had to seek out the chocolate taste from under the chemical taste of the caramel.

Who would like this coffee - If you are a person that likes artifically flavored coffee, and do not find the chemical taste that most caramels give coffee, then this is for you. It supasses most flavored coffees in its drinkability. There is no aftertaste or bitterness, and the beans used here are obviously not a grade below, as is the case with many (if not most) flavored blends.

Overall Rating - 3 Stars (out of five). I am giving this higher marks than I normally would to a flavored coffee because even though it was not my particular taste, it is clearly superior to virtually any flavored coffee I have every tasted. If you are one that does not typically drink flavored coffees this will not change your mind. If you like flavored coffee from places like The Coffee Beanery, then this Boca Java Blend will absolutely blow you away because it is that much better.

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