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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I do so hope I am wrong

A little more than a week or so ago, a child in the LatteGirl's school collapsed at a birthday party (no, LatteGirl was not in attendance) and died. According to a story in a local paper, he was described by his mother as, "lively, loving, compassionate and energetic boy."

My initial thoughts on this were quite cynical and dark. A 'healthy' seven year old boy doesn't "just die." Something is very wrong here. As I await to hear what comes out in the autopsy report, I feel so horrible.

No matter what the reason, the sudden death of a 7 year old child is a tragedy. Period. But I can't get rid of this nagging feeling that neglect played a part in this somehow. While I will rule NOBODY out (my cynical side), I am not necessarily blaming the parents. The child participated in youth soccer, wrestling programs, and was on a baseball team as well as a student of Jujitsu. Within that massive schedule of a 7 year old (I assume that not all these events overlapped, at least I hope they didn't), is the potential for a lot of things. Getting hit in the chest with a baseball has on more than one occasion killed a child by causing heart problems. A fall or other blow to the head could have caused a problem that did not completely manifest itself until later. But if that is indeed the case. Didn't somebody somewhere miss something? Shouldn't an accident that is ultimately bad enough to rob a child of his life, be worth a trip to the doctor's to check? "Just to be safe?"

Not that it will bring him back, or make the tragedy any less severe, but I would like to be wrong. That this was a freak thing that could not have been prevented. I am cynical enough. I want so desperately to be wrong. But in the meantime, the cynical me just sits back and waits to hear the coroner's report. Coroner's Report. Something that has no place in a story about a 7 year old child.

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