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Friday, March 10, 2006

I got a date with a cutie

Cute Blonde
Originally uploaded by JayMonster.
Tonight, I am going out on a date with a very cute blonde. That blonde of course is non other than LatteGirl.

Tonight is the Daddy/Daughter (and Mommy/Son) Dance at her school. I don't expect as much a dance as a bunch of parents standing around, possibly engaged with a few other parents while trying to ensure that the kids that are running full tilt in a mosh pit like atmosphere don't accidentally kill one another as they run around.

But still I am looking forward to going. LatteGirl, however is feeling a little aprehensive. You see, one of the girls in her class told her that when you go to a dance, you have to kiss all the other boys. (Not just kiss a boy mind you, but kiss ALL the other boys. Sounds like she is going to grow up to be quite the little hussy ;)

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