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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yes... Disney... Again

Tonight, as I toil away at work, TheWife (Formerly DietCokeWife before she swore off soda), and LatteGirl (no she doesn't drink it, but has the energy of an over caffeinated person), will be heading off to Disney on Ice, Princess Classics.

It is one of those things that being a father makes me think entirely too much. No not about Princesses and such. About whether or not I am a good father. On the one hand, I am sad that I will miss the opportunity to attend something like this with my daughter. She always has such a blast at shows like these, and as I said some posts back, her cheefulness is highly infective. Just being around her when she gets that excited could cheer up just about anybody.

But then there is the flip side. The side that says I need to work to help pay for things like this. The side that says, it is a girl thing and it SHOULD be a mother-daughter thing. And the one that actually somewhat gnaws at me when I think about it... The side that says, "Thank Goodness it is a Mother-Daughter thing" and I do not have to attend this "girly thing." It is not something that I can even feign to enjoy. I have smiled through several renditions of Seasame Street Live and several other shows. But I really wanted nothing to do with attending this show. Most of the time these shows are on weekends, and I can deal with it. But to have to rush home from NYC, to hurry out to see Disney on Ice, just seemed like a recipe for disaster.

TheWife is more than happy to have the Mother-Daughter event. LatteGirl was a bit disappointed that I "couldn't" go. And when she looks up at me with those eyes, and SAD eyes, because I will not be going, it just tears my heart out. I still don't want to go, but I feel like such a cad.

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