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Monday, October 16, 2006

Hershey - Round 2

Reality. Man what a gyp that is. So we are back after spending "3 Days" in Hershey PA once again. The major hilights of this trip include the fact that I remembered to take pictures, and the fact that I managed to not break the camera this time.

I have to admit that I wound up a bit disappointed this time, but to some extent I guess my expectations were a bit too high coming off of our spring trip there. First of all, in case anybody but me didn't know it (fortunately TheWife did), PA in October is cold. Not freezing, but cold. This makes taking a six year old to the Amusement Park... in costume... at night (it is not open during the day in October, only at night for their "Hersheypark in the Dark") is a challenge.

LatteGirl of course did not want to be all "bundled up" because then "nobody would get to see her costume." Once we got past that battle, we headed over to the park, where it was "too cold" so we actually wound up spending more time "getting ready," waiting for the shuttle, and riding the shuttle to and from the park, than we actually spent in the park.

They made a big deal out of "Treatville" which was where kids 13 and under could go "Trick or Treating." They of course put this at the far end of the park, so you had to walk clear across the park to get there, only to be greated by a rather long line. When you finally made it through, you walked the path that would normally have been for the water rides, to gather about 7 or 8 pieces of candy. To me it was annoying. To TheWife is was not worth freezing over. For LatteGirl it was the best thing in the entire world. You must admire their ability to find the good in everything.

Armed with my camera, I got to take some pictures of LatteGirl with the Hershey Characters, which were donning "costumes" of their own. (Yea, so that probably doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense if you don't already know what I am talking about, so you will have to wait until tomorrow, when I get the pictures up into Flickr.) Taking the pictures, and her big smile made the trip all worthwhile to me.

TheWife. Ah, TheWife. In order to make the trip worthwhile to her, LatteGirl and I once again shipped her off to the Hershey Hotel for a Cocoa Massage. If (when) we go again, I am going to have to see if I can get TheWife to take us along (we usually send her off for some "Mommy time" alone) to the Hotel. We will still give her the time to herself, but I really want to get a look at this hotel. You see, the Hershey Lodge is where we stay because it is advertised as a "family" location. It is by no means cheap, but certainly looks that way when you see that a stay at the Hershey Hotel is twice the price. I just need to see for myself what could possibly make this place worth twice as much.

I think the one thing that left me a bit disappointed was that we did not get to do as many "new" things as well did last time. Of course everything was new last time. This time we had to do some repeats at the beheast of LatteGirl, and we promised ourselves that we would not miss this museum this time (We attempted to go on our return day last time and it did not open until too late in the day for us to hang around). When we got done with the "must dos" we were left with precious little time (and even less energy) to do much else.

Of couse that is the problem with any three day "vacation." Day One you spend on travel and arrival, and in places such as this check in time is not until 4PM, so by the time you get your room, get your stuff put away, and maybe have dinner. It is night time and half the time you will decide to "turn in early" so you can get an early start the next day. The last day of course checkout time is like, what 4AM? (OK, so it is at 11 am, but still it feels way to early) and you really have to pack up everything as soon as everybody gets showered and dressed, leaving little time to do much after having breakfast except perhaps spending some money in the gift shop for all the people that expect something when you go away.

So out of that you have one solid day. A day, I admit that LatteGirl and I made the best of (OK, TheWife too, but she spent time in the spa). After breakfast, and shipping Mom on her merry way, we strolled the grounds, looking at (and photographing) the Geese and Ducks, then climbing some trees (she does not really "climb" as much as she has me "place" her on branches in trees that are easy enough for her to stand on), then some miniture golf,and swimming before we met back with Mom for some lunch. On to the Museum, then Chocolate Work (that is the simulated "factory tour" that they have rather than actually taking people through the actual factory), shopping in the chocolate store (of course), return for dinner, getting costumed and on to Hersheypark.

When I look over that list it is hard to say what I could have changed to have not been disappointed this time. I mean heck from the time I was there in April to now they installed wireless internet in all the rooms, which I was thrilled to see but still managed to keep myself so busy that I never had an opportunity to actually use it. I guess without the "newness" it can never live up to that first time... at least for me.

LatteGirl still gives it her highest praises. She has even started working on us for a return trip. When she and TheWife made their trip to Sesame Place this year we noted that this would probably be the last year for that excursion since she was pretty much outgrowing Sesame Street. So she brought that back up already saying that this could "replace" her trip to Sesame Place, so that we "could come back every year FOREVER."

I don't think we will be coming back every year, but I am sure we will be back. Maybe next time we just need to try to find more than three days. And never again in October.

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