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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Couch Potato Bets

The Losers

'Til Death - Fox tries to pull out another "Married with Children"-esque clone with this series. Fox was able to get away with nurturing an audience for "Married..." because, well lets be honest, it along with "The Simpsons" was all it had at the time, so poor reviews be damned they promoted it and prmoted it until they had a following. Not sure Fox is that kind of station any longer. The show has a good cast, and the potential is there, but I have a feeling people will stay away... and the show will get canned before it can draw 'cult' status.

Happy Hour - 'Friends' go to 'Cheers' or maybe some sort of twisted 'Friends' vs. 'Cheers' (think videogame mashup). Regardless, it stinks the critics hate it, it has no real show around to support it. Dead, Dead Dead. And seems to deserve it.

Men in Trees - I like Ann Heche. Really. And it is because of that, I find myself wondering... "Why Anne, Why?" This show is gone by Christmas if not sooner. Nothing else really needs to be said.

Vanished, Runaway and Kidnapped - I put these threee shows together to avoid repeating myself. We already have Cold Case and Without a Trace, does every station need to try and come up with a "version" of it now? Certainly not all of these can survive. Cold Case and Without a Trace have set a fairly high bar, and from what I have read, I will be surprised if even one of these is still on the air come springtime.

Winners that shouldn't be

Survivor - Why won't this show die? Much is being made about the "tribes" being split along racial lines. "How could they?" the reviewers are crying. Brilliant move. It got people talking (and writing) about it for weeks leading up to the premier. People will watch... though I personally don't understand why.

Jericho - Think 'Lost' in Colorado. The few reviews I saw were good, but I generally dislike shows that rip-off their idea from another and this one is certainly nothing but a rip-off from 'Lost' It will probably survive the season though.

Dancing with the Stars - Why does anybody watch this?

On the Fence

Lost - I admit it. I am the one person in America that did not watch Lost. Not one single episode. But like Desperate Housewives (though not quite as much), lost a bit of its lustre and shine during season two, something I like to call the "Twin Peaks Effect." When a show comes off a huge as Lost did it is hard to keep up that pace and expectation level. It will be interesting to see if Lost can hold on.

Desperate Housewives - I already mentioned this, but after a HUGE first season, it was shocking (and somewhat surprising) to see this show fall so far, so hard, so fast. If this show doesn't start off with a bang, it could be all over.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigators - This is my favorite show on television. I am sure it will survive at the very least this season. But after seven season, I have to wonder how much is left in the tank. Plus at the end of the season they gave the appearance that Grisom and Sidle have gotten together. When two characters who's attraction and inability is part of the show finally get together it usually marks, if not the end... the beginning of the end.

Ugly Betty - The premise is week, but critics like it and the few people I have spoken to (or read) seem to like it so it may make it. Is it enough for a series though? Sounds more like a Lifetime, made for TV movie.

The Surefire Winners

The Wire - everybody has declared this show a hit and the single best thing on TV this season. Far too many rave reviews for this show to fail. Even if it sucks, people will pretend to like it because they will feel like they are missing something or just don't get it yet.

30 Rock - I intially thought of this as just another Suddenly Susan or Newsradio. But the feedback has been spectaular so far, and looks like this one is the real deal.

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