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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Place your bets

It is that time year again. One that I used to look forward to desperately in an attempt to get away from summer reruns, but now which only entertains me really in trying to guess which shows will make it and which ones will not based on what I read.

Why based on what I read? Because while I am horribly picky and judgemental when it comes to what I watch on TV because honestly I am down to about 3 hours a week that does not involve The Disney Channel, Boomerang (part of Cartoon Network) or similar. I have, and will until the final show airs locked in one of those hours for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. That leaves me with about two hours remaining. And what I "waste" that two hours is a "critical" choice.

Now as I said, I am awfully picky to begin with, but it seems that most of the viewing world is NOT. Sure... even the hardest of the hardcore reality fans managed to stay away virtually completely from the incredibly dumb Apprentice: Martha Stewart, but somehow crud like Survivor have continued on. Why? I have no idea. (Disclosure: I worked at a web design company and the original Survivor Web Site, so my bitterness could be slightly tainted by that experience. I don't think so, but... full disclosure). The show to me was a one hit wonder. Especially when it became clear that "Reality" was far more scripted than CBS let on during that first season. But the lemmings continue to tune in faithfully.

So what I was really getting at is that I by myself am not a good judge of what will survive and what will live on. Last season for example, I would have been certain that Dancing with the Stars, along with the scandal ridden American Idol would have folded up shop and gone home. But no, not only did they survive... they are back. Desperate Housewives which after an initial blockbuster season floundered horribly last year. My guess is that this is the "rubber season" for that show, it either needs to bounce back now... or be designated to scrap heap. If it starts out flat (again) it may not even make it through the season (or so I am thinking).

So, what are you looking forward to? Dreading? What makes it? What gets replaced early like last years bomb, Commander-In-Cheif and what is the surprise hit (My name is Earl)? And what makes one stick and the other stink?

Tomorrow I will post my picks and pans for the new season.

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