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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fickle Friday

Well, the weekend is upon us and I am feeling... completely ambivelant.

Got a friend coming over to visit with her kids this evening. Yay!

LatteGirl and TheWife are gone for the Weekend. Boo!

LatteGirl and TheWife are gone for the Weekend. Yay!

TheWife left me a list a chores to accomplish while she is gone. Boo.

But the list is not long. Yay!

But I also need to go to client Number 1 and get some work done. Boo!

That means extra money next month. Yay!

It will probably only wind up going towards paying for LatteGirl's school Boo!

But LatteGirl loves the new school so far. Yay!

However it only took her 1 day to get in trouble for talking to her friend and got her seat moved. Boo!

Alright enough of that already.

Been living with the Skype phone for about a week now (Since My Big Fat Geek Weekend), and I have to tell you, it is pretty nifty. I invested the $38 US (approximate it is 30 Euros) for a year of having a separate phone number. I plan on using it for Clients and such, to help keep them off of my home phone.

Along this same vane, does everybody these days have way too many IM clients? I have people on Yahoo!Messenger, MSn Messenger, AIM (mostly work people), I haven't downloaded GoogleTalk yet, but have chatted with a few people threw the Chat interface built into GMail. I am sooooo glad that XP has that collapsable System Tray. On my Windows 2000 system, more space was dedicated to the System Tray than to the Taskbar section. I thought about trying one of the programs like Trillian that combines them, but I really don't like that idea either. Maybe someday we can have a single open standard. (Yeah Right).

Oh well, hope everyone has a great weekend.

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