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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just Like Starting Over

Another school year begins. For us, and more so for LatteGirl it is yet another beginning. Two years ago, she started the last of her Pre-K classes. Last year Kindergarten, new school new friends, etc. and this year with the transition to private school she gets another new start. She will have the benefit of having two friends from her old Pre-School and a friend she made this summer at camp in her class, so it may not be quite as daunting in some ways as Kindergaten where she had no carry-over. The classes are smaller which of course it also a nice thing.

She has held a pretty brave front, even singing and dancing about going to her new school. But last night, as we prepared for bed, she let it slip out. She was excited... but also a bit nervous. "Not scared" just a little nervous. Fortunately it is only a 1/2 day today and tomorrow, so I am sure she will transition in quite fine.

Still getting caught up

I feel like I have been perpetually behind since returning from vacation. Of course that has been helped along with the school change, the job location change, Ernesto knocking out power all over the eastern seaboard (despite not being a huge storm), etc. So if you haven't seen me around your blog lately, just know I am slowly catching up.

As pathetic as it may sound, I am so looking forward to my bowling season starting on Thursday. I probably would have been better off if it started in a week or two since I have been going at such a hectic pace. But then again, that may be exactly WHY it is good that it is starting tomorrow. It is my opportunity to focus a least a couple of hours on something enjoyable and take my mind off of family issues and/or work issues. No it is not the nightlife and fun I used to enjoy years ago. Then again, I do not recover nearly as quick as I did years ago, and the thought of going to work on an hour sleep (or less) is no longer something I can handle or even consider.

Some Unrequitted Link Love

Two things that I have caught up on and wanted to share. Cat has moved out of her "swamp" life, and now you can just call it Cat's Life. So update your Blogroll if you haven't already, or stop by and check her out.

The other blog, is one I have just added to my blogroll, even though I have been reading it for some time. Of course everybody in the free world knows about and reads Busy Mom. But what you may not know about is her OTHER blog, GenBetween. Having to deal with the tribulations of handling both kids and parents can be a daunting task, and if you are in that situation, I am sure you will be able to quite easily identify with this as Busy Mom gives herself to us as a "poster child" of the Sandwich Generation.

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