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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Big Fat Geek Weekend

Around these parts Ernesto was a big fat nothing other than some annoying rain, so not only did we not get water in the basement, I was actually able to get some additional waterproofing done.

We did have some family over Saturday, and some friends Sunday for end of the summer bar-b-ques which is always fun, although I still swear this summer went by WAY too fast for me. We had all sorts of plans for weekend trips and such, and now the time has already gone right by me.

LatteGirl starts her new school on Wednesday. Talk about easing into it, she has half days Wednesday and Thursday, the her and Mom will be heading off to Sesame Place for the weekend before she starts her full day sessions next Monday.

I am starting at my new client's today, so in between the bar-b-ques and waterproofing, I had to wipe clean and reformat my laptop. (Warning: if you are not the intensely geeky type, you may wish to skip the remainder of this paragraph). After being forced by my last client to remain on Windows 2000, I finally got to bring it up to Windows XP. Since I was feeling particularly geeky, I also dual-booted it with Linux (I went with OpenSuse for now, but that will probably change... at least once or twice). Then to top off my geekfest, I went and picked up the Linksys VOIP phone for Skype.

Too much food, too much drinking, and too many new toys (according to my wife). Eveything to make for a perfect three day weekend. Hope everybody had a good weekend. So are you ready for fall?

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