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Monday, August 14, 2006

Just a few more days

One tought thing about going on vacation is surviving the week before. On the one hand, I have the highly organized wife that wants to be "all set" to go well before hand. Luggage has been pulled out already, and items are already being packed. Personally I am a procrastinator on such things and would rather leave it all for Friday night. But in all fairness, I am also well known for forgetting things that I needed or wanted for a trip, which I guess is almost inevitable when you leave everything to the last minute. I guess this is one of those instances where"opposites attract" comes in as a benefit. She starts early and worries constantly that we will forget something. I maintain the laid back attitute to keep her from burning out. She keeps me from forgetting things, and with all that extra time, I become "suitcase man" because I can find a way to make all the overpacking she does, actually fit into the suitcases.

The other drawback is more obvious and probably more understandable to just about anybody. I am so ready for this vacation, that it is only Monday and I am ready for this week to be over already. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of work to keep me busy. I just have no actual desire to get any of it done. I feel fried. I so desperately don't want to be here today, that I would rather be home (over)packing than be at my desk today. But of course, somebody has to actually PAY for this vacation, and it is tough enough remembering that since as a consultant I am in business for myself, I do not "get" a vacation, I simply get "unpaid time off." In the good old days, it was easier to say, "well that is what I get the big bucks for" but today thanks to outsourcing and such, I no longer get the "big bucks," but all the drawbacks are still there. It could be worse I guess, I could not have the current semi-steady client contract that I am currently enjoying. But still, feast or famine consulting can sometimes be nerve wracking.

Today's Non-Sequitur

Today, TheWife and LatteGirl are going to look at the private school that we are considering.

Then after that they are heading over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. While I am fully behind, if we cower the terrorists win. However, I am also fully behind the fact that our President, through a failed foreign policy has made this country less safe, not more so. And the Statue of Liberty, is a tempting target (despite the Department of Homeland Security NOT regarding it as a national symbol). The only thing that gives me some sort of "comfort" is thanks to the "thwarted" terrorist plot last week, the raised alert level and additional security that goes with it, makes things a bit safer in the short term (until we get lazy again). Regardless, I will be at least a little concerned until they call and tell me they are back home safely.

The Shangri-La diet is still working amazingly well. When I started it about 9 weeks ago, my goal was to lose 10-12 lbs before vacation. I have now lost 24.4 lbs with a week to go before vacation. I actually have some clothes that I had hoped to fit in by next summer that I am now considering taking with me on vacation.

In order to keep this from turing into a diet blog, I have started one here. Although if things keep going this well, I will still probably post here, just to brag a bit.

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