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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get me outta here!

I am SOOOO ready for this vacation. Work is fine, busy but fine. But I just need to go. I am very on edge, and things that should be mildly annoying I am finding just getting me enragingly mad this week.

Whether it is Michael Chertoff claiming that Warrants are so 20th Century, and we need to be more like the Brits (Tell me, didn't we form this country to get away from the rule of the Brits?), or Andrew von Eschenbach (current head of the FDA) making the approval of "Plan B" available only for girls (women) 18 years of age or older, because he "believes" that is the appropriate age (whatever happened to relying on facts?). I am just frustrated.

I needed to take a day away from blogging yesterday, because I was so aghast that after I commented on this post, that another commenter would suggest that I am a part of a "perverted men who love to look at little girls in skimpy cloths" because I commented that educating a girl to respect herself and to value her own self worth was more important that to teach her to dress and act "purely" as a legacy as a father.

I always though it was scary that there are some seriously deranged nut jobs out there. But as it turns out, I think it is even scarier that there are people out there that in the 21st century actually believe them!

I sorry, but if you dress you daughter in this swimwear, be prepared for some serious backlash from her later in life, or at the very least some serious extended therapy.

Does anybody else think it is sad, that while we are busy exporting democracy and liberty to the Middle East, we are slowly having our own rights and liberities removed? Is this really an area where we can afford to have a trade surplus?

Am I the only person that can not listen to the newly released 911 calls from Sept. 11th?

Friday just can't get here fast enough.

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