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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Should have named her Ariel

2012 Summer Olympics?
Originally uploaded by JayMonster.
With the amount of time she spends in the water, perhaps Ariel would have been an appropriate name. Two weeks of camp, out of which two out of three days are at a Lake, a weekend camping at a campsite which had a pool.

What were we doing after dinner last night? Why swimming of course. And the only way I got her out was by promising to go swimming with her again this evening after dinner.

She is now a strong enough swimmer that I do not feel that I need to actually be in the pool with her every second any longer (after refilling my Xanax several times -- kidding... I kidding... sort of). In some ways it is great, in that now I can stay poolside and take some snapshots, or just relax a little as she swims. Of course this is just another thing in a long list of things that I am no longer needed for, as lifeguard status is all I NEED to do. Fortunately though, she still WANTS me in there playing with her most of the time. It is good to feel wanted expecially when you are no longer needed.

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