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Friday, July 07, 2006

Indecision Paralysis

TheWife and LatteGirl are off on a girl's camping trip this weekend. That leaves me with some time home alone. Not too much mind you. LatteGirl has a birthday party to attend this weekend, so they drove up to the campsite (OK, honesty here... it is a CABIN) today, tomorrow they drive back here to atttend the party, then return back to the campsite tomorrow afternoon, only to return again on Sunday afternoon.

Not like I am going to be away from them long enough to miss anybody. But it feels odd. For two reasons. First, it is I guess comforting to know I have LatteGirl and (on nights she is not working) TheWife to come home to most evenings. Which I guess makes number 2 somewhat bittersweet. I have the house to myself for the evening... twice. On the one hand of course I have some much talked about, but rarely spotted peace and quiet. On the other hand, "it is going to be awfully quiet around here."

Now don't get me wrong I am determined to enjoy this as much as I can, but... (You could see that coming from a mile away couldn't you?) trying to decide what to do with the time has me in sort of an analysis paralysis. I know I want to make "the best use" of my free time, but in trying to decide what is the best use of my free time, I can't actually seem to make a decision on what that "best use" is.

I have lost 10 pounds so far on my four weeks (or so) of being on the Shangri-la diet, so I was pre-warned by TheWife about "sitting around the house in my underwear, eating Ben and Jerry's and getting nothing accomplished."

For the record (and to get that awful picture out of your head), I do not EVER sit around the house in my underwear. I am pretty sure I can fend off the evil lure of Ben and Jerry's. The getting nothing accomplished though could be tough if I don't make some sort of decision.

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