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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Something for Pet Owners to consider

If you have a dog (or cat, or other pet) , particularly if you take them with you when you travel, it may be a worthwhile consideration to rather than putting your home number on their collar, to instead put your cell phone number there.

Today we found a dog wandering around our neighborhood. It was obviously well taken care of and had her collar. So TheWife grabbed the wayward pet. She was from a town a few over from our own. It seemed pretty obvious that she did not just wander here, so we assumed that the owner was visiting somebody. When we called the number on the dog tags, of course we got an answering machine (because they were visiting somebody near to us, and not home to answer their phone).

I decided to wander the neighborhood and look (and listen) for somebody searching for the dog, and TheWife left a message on the answering machine of the owner. I never found any searchers, but luckily the owner checked their answering machine and dog and owner were happily reunited, but it got me thinking that having a cell phone number on the dog's collar would have made the whole thing easier, and more direct. I mean fortunately these people did not live that far away, and they knew how to retrieve their message away from home (something there are plenty of people don't know how to do). If these factors were not as convenient, then this could have wound up being more difficult.

Just something to consider.

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