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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Denying my inner child

I am a tech geek. I like all the newest and latest gadgets. I have PCs running Windows XP, 2000, Redhat Linux, Suse Linux, Xandros. My cell phone is powered by Windows PocketPC software. I love my tech toys.


I am not touching the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray debacle. I refuse to wind up like those that in the past wound up with lame duck BetaMax or LaserDisc players. And even when the market finally decides a winner, I am not buying another player until somebody swears to me in blood that this is the last format that they are going to come out with!!!

And I seriously hope that the MPAA and its members do not expect me to buy all five (so far) seasons of of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation again just to get the "High Definition Experience." I love the show... I just don't need to see Sara in such high resolution that I can see whether or not she has clogged pores.

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