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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Whoa, slow down will ya'?

Of course like every parent, I feel like LatteGirl is growing up WAY TO FAST. I can often be heard uttering the universally understood, "Where did the time go?" But this already hyper-accelerated pace seems to have been given an additional kick recently, and seemingly according to her, being six changes everything.

When we were deciding how to handle summer vacation, we decided to split up her time. Three days at camp and two days home with mom, figuring that at least she would be spending a majority of her time with her peers, enable her to join up with some of her old friends who are also attending this camp, and hopefully make some new friends. Since she is often shy in new surroundings, and new people coupled with the fact that last summer we basically did the same thing with her last months at Pre-K this seemed like a good mix. The two days "off" from camp would allow her to do other things with mom, and give her a break from the stresses of camp.

Well Day 1 we were informed of just how wrong we were. Our shy little girl made a couple of new friends right away, and wanted to know "Why?" she couldn't go to camp 5 days a week, and why were we "making" her stay home two days a week. Now some of this of course is exacerbated by some friends that she had from Pre-K, who she simply adores and their teaming up again has her thrilled. I know full well a week or two from now, that euphoria would wear off.

But the changes have not stopped there. By Day 2, once inside the meeting place, my shy little princess, yelled "By Mom" and bolted off to be with her friends, and get online so they could board the bus (they were heading up to the lake - Do I need to say how thrilled I am that we got her into swimming lessons this past winter/spring?). TheWife was devastated. No more big good-bye hugs and "smooches." Since she started Kindergarten LatteGirl has had a tradition. So that she "would not be lonely or miss us too much," when I leave for work in the morning I give her a kiss on her right hand, TheWife kisses the left. This way when she is missing us she can "put the smooch" on her cheek to feel loved and no longer lonely. Well is seems that she still likes the idea, but at six years old, that it is too silly to do in front of her friends (already appearances are SOOOOOO important). My part of things was safe, because she is still in bed when I am leaving for work, but TheWife was informed that if she wanted her smooches and hugs, it had to be done in the car, before they were in sight of everyone else.

Of course not everything is all about the camp. When we inquired as to whether she would want to take another dance class for the summer (her "regular" classes run similar to the school year), she was hesitant but decided to check out what the summer class was about. She returned back, thrilled and ready to go. Why? Because it wasn't just another "Tap and Ballet" class as her regular one is. No. She was taking a class to learn... Hip Hop and Jazz.

And of course, no discussion of how fast children grow up is complete without stating... in complete whiny parent sounds, "She is growing like a weed!" I swear she has grown at least a couple of inches since her birthday at the end of May. How could this be? It is going to be fun watching her blossom this summer. I just need to find a way to accept that for every new first, there will probably also be the end of some other part of her as my little baby girl.

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