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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Weather Fairy?

Sometimes, just sometimes I think LatteGirl is something of a Weather Fairy. As I sit her, I am reading about news that from D.C. though Maine, people are suffering from hiddeous rainfall lately, having their basements filled with water, finding 4-foot alligators, and more.

But with all this terrible weather, over the last week LatteGirl has taken two trips to the lake with camp, and today her and TheWife made a trip down to the Jersey Shore. Somehow all the rain, all the problems, seem to manage to find a way to work their way right around us, and not even put a damper on her plans. No flooding here, and the rains even seem to find a way to stop long enough for her activities to take place.

With more rain expected, and talks that the Mid-Atlantic region is more likely to receive a direct hit than in any time since 1938. I hope her fairy magic doesn't run out.

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