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Monday, June 19, 2006

Medical advances?

Much of medicine has improved greatly in the past 20 or so years. Technologies in pain management, laser surgery, etc. have reduced the down time and pain involved in many things dramatically over what it used to be.

So when then, can anybody tell me, is a shot of novacaine and a pair of pliers still the Modus Operandi for the extraction of a tooth?

Wouldn't you think by now they would have something that would enable the tooth to be loosened and removed with a minimal amount of pain? Or at least reduce the amount of pain you feel hours later when the novacaine wears off.

But that is just me whining about having to have a tooth removed. What I really can't fathom today, is when reading about vaccine specifically designed to prevent (cervical) cancer, that there can actually be a controversy about it. I guess I will just never understand what goes on in the minds of these people. While I have no problem with the promotion of abstinence, to decide that this is a "viable alternative" to a vaccine, is not only mis-guided, it is downright irresponsible.

Let us be completely honest here for a momment. Focus on the Family (oh and just so I do not appear to be picking on one group, Family Research Council also fits into this class of irresponsible organizations) opposes making it mandatory, saying the decision to vaccinate should rest with a child's parents or guardians. First of all, since when has Focus on the Family ever let anything resst with the decision of the parents or guardians? Second, the reason for making vaccines mandatory is becuase it is acknowledged by experts that if we left innoculation up to the choice of parents, far too few children would actually be vaccinated.

It is a matter of health. Let the message be, vaccination PLUS abstinence, not absinence and hope for the best. There is no reason to leave the risks of Cervical cancer to pliers and novacaine, when it can be eliminated. Take the medical advances we have made.

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