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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sometimes things just can't go right

LatteGirl's kindergarten class was scheduled to go to the Land of Make Believe today. Due to the constant rain that has plagued the Northeast for almost a week now, the trip was postponed until Tuesday. Of course since they did this, today it is absolutely gorgeous here, and how much would you like to bet it will probably rain on Tuesday.

I must say that I am THRILLED to have "nothing" on the calendar this weekend. LatteGirl on the other hand will be out and about a birthday party. The party is at a movie theater, and they will be seeing the new Disney/Pixar film Cars, which means that if I want to see the film, I am now going to have to go see it by myself, without the excuse of child. My lack of events of course means that the trusty "honey-do" list will be the priority. Oddly though... after the past few weekends. I am OK with that.

We are starting to look at making a big splurge and take our vacation NEXT year at Walt Disney World. Based on my inital estimates for this vacation, I need to start saving $500/month from now until next summer for it. Ouch.


I mentioned in yesterday's rant about uniforms and made sure I pointed out that not all careers that involve uniforms are "less choice" than others. I intentionally avoided making a list of those careers for fear of omitting one (or a few) from a "list" and making it seem as if I was slighting that particular one. But just to put the issue to rest, yes there are other professions besides nursing that may certainly be on a "chosen" career path, and not one that you got stuck with because life did not work out as planned. (I am still not going to try and list them all however).

Nor did I try to implicate that wearing school uniforms equate to "blue collar" work. Quite the opposite. I was trying to point out that there is absolutely NO correlation and that it is silly to suggest that wearing a uniform to school in any way "prepares" you for the real world.


If she wasn't a tall blonde female, would anybody actually pay attention to that hate mongering bitch that has published yet another book full of venom, or would she just be lumped in with other loons like Pat Robertson? I mean look up and down my blogroll. Every single person on that list is more intelligent and a better writer than that...that... whatever you wish to call her. What I guess frightens me most is that people actually BUY her books which means there are more sickos like her out there.

The town in which I live has a huge English, Irish and Portugese and Brazilian populace. National flags will be seen everywhere this weekend with the World Cup in progess. I would have liked to have seen this many American Flags being flown for Memorial Day.

I have just about had it with Blogger, and am starting to look elsewhere. Suggestions? I am looking at WordPress and possibly Expression Engine. I will NOT use MoveableType or any of its variants (LiveJournal, Typad)... let's just chalk it up to philosophical differences, OK? OK. Am I missing any good ones?

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