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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Review: Boca Java's Late Night Login

Their Description: 'Bloggers Fuel.' Blog on with a very bold, dark roasted blend of South African and Island Coffees. This coffee is rich with flavor and has a smooth finish.

What I thought: Finding a gem like this is why I am always willing to try new things. This is far and away the best Boca Java blend I have tried. I knew this was going to be good from the momment I opened the bag. You could just smell the richness of the blend as the aroma wafted from the bag, and it took great restraint on my part to wait for the full pot to complete brewing before grabbing a cup. The flavors are rich and pleasant, but not harsh or intense. Again, sticking to their goals, Boca Java has created a rich dark blend that has literally no bitterness to it at all. It is almost the perfect combination, rich and strong enough to for my picky taste, yet balanced enough and smooth enough that I would not hesitate to serve it to dinner guests who may not desire an over-the-top blend.

Who would like this coffee: Virtually anybody that drinks coffee, with the exception of those that prefer a watered down taste (think Starbuck's LiteNote Blend, Boca Java's New Media Maverick Blend) will emjoy this blend. The taste is rich but not smokey like some over-roasted coffees are.

Overall: I rated this a 4 stars (out of 5) . This is a coffee blend I feel comfortable recommending to anyone, and consider keeping around on a regular basis (that is far more of a compliment that it sounds, very few coffees rank as a "usually have around").

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