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Friday, April 21, 2006

Review: Boca Java's New Media Mavericks Blend

Their Description - 'Unfiltered Truth' Lead the information reformation with this medium roast from the prized Tarrazu region of Costa Rica with excellent body and robust richness.

What I thought - I selected this blend first becuase if the words "robust richness" in the description. That made this a bit of a let down. There are many adjectives to describe this coffee, but robust and rich are not them.

The coffee is clearly well made, it has a smooth clean taste, with absolutely no bitterness or aftertaste. This would probably make an excellent coffee to drink at some fancy pastry shop (or at home with your pasteries), where you do not want the taste of the coffee to overwhelm your tastebuds. New Media Maverick Blend will never do that. It is not complex, and at most is has a slight hint of an almost oak like quality.

As promised I tried this coffee twice. Once with my normal amount of coffee, and a second time adding additional coffee in hopes of reaching robust. To its credit, adding the additional coffee did not create an acrid or bitter taste as often happens when you add extra coffee. But neither did it get any more rich tasting.

Who would like this coffee - If you prefer things very mild, you may very well enjoy this coffee. Sombody who drinks things like Starbucks LightNote Blend, or Maxwell House Master Blend, but without the nasty little bitter aftertaste, then this coffee is for you. If you like anything stronger than that, you may find the taste lacking.

Overall Rating - I will give this 3 stars (out of 5). It does not suit my personal tastes, but is not a bad cup of coffee for somebody that wants a smooth mild coffee.

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