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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Boca Java Takes on Latte Man

A while back I spotted this over at Busy Mom's place, and how could I, Latte Man pass up an opportunity to review Gourment Coffee? Short answer, I can't.

So I signed up to review Blogger's Fuel Blends from Boca Java.

I didn't think much again about it, until I returned home from vacation to find a rather large box sitting on the porch. It was from Boca Java, my coffee review kit had arrived. So, I will be posting up reviews every couple of days as I work my way through their coffee.

I will say upfront that my first impression is that this is going to be a serious challenge for Boca Java. First of all, I do not, as a habbit drink flavored coffees. I will partake of one every now and again (like sampling various 'chocolate' blends up at Hershey this past weekend), but I usually do not buy such things because I easily get bored of the chemical taste that almost always accompanies these flavored coffees. Second, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I ordered whole bean coffee for my review. Even the packing slip reads whole bean. But they shipped ground. Not earth shattering, and I am sure if I contacted them they would fix it (especially if I was a paying customer), but just something to note. Third, I will say up front that I am a tough grader. Just keep those things in mind for the future reviews.

As for my personal tastes, I generally like strong robust coffee flavors. Not necessarily always "dark roasted", there are plenty of medium roast coffees that have full bodied flavor. Those are the types of coffees I generally steer towards. Kenya AA, Sumatra Mandheling are mainstays. To use Starbucks as a point of reference, I drink their Verona, Gazebo, Komodo Dragon, Christmas and Anniversary Blends, but not their Lite Note, Shade Grown Mexican, or Yukon Blends.

Basically if you drink "mild" blends of coffee, or are a fan of flavored coffees (which are also generally mild blends so that the coffee doesn't overpower the 'flavors'), then if I say that the coffee is "too mellow" for my tastes, then this may be the coffee for you.

At a minimum, I will give each coffee two tests, a morning and evening test before writing the review.

And with that we will start the reviews on Friday.

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