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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Review: The Wild

The latest CGI animated movie from Disney is "The Wild" as much as it appears to be a direct rip-off of Dreamworks "Madagascar", nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the similarities in some of the characters, the kick-off point of their adventures (The New York Zoo), and the fact that the animals wind up in the jungle. The similarities end immediately there.

Following on the heels of Valiant, and Chicken Little (which I reviewed here), The Wild proved once again why it was so critically important for Disney to acquire Pixar. While not as spectacularly aweful as those previous movies (except at the box office where last week it did an abysmal $9 million, and I can only expect it to do worse this week), The Wild should have been a straight to video release.

When I read some reviews that noted how much like The Lion King this movie was, I for the most part ignored it, since I like, The Lion King, I did not see the comparison as necessarily a bad thing. Well as it turns out, it was. It both took such obscene amounts of material you can not help but make the comparison, and it is not one that The Wild stands up to well.

There is some humor in the movie for both kids and adults, but not nearly enough. The graphics, like many of today's films was good, but not as good as most others. There was enough action that the movie should have seems to fly by, but instead I kept wondering when it would be over. The heartwarming conclusion is one of those things that should have an audience cheering, instead what you got was a collective sigh, enthusiatic that the end was finally near.

If this does make it another week in the theaters, stay away. When it first appears on video, do not buy it. Rent it, or better yet, like Chicken Little wait until it shows up on eBay or This was not worth the price of a movie ticket, nor is it worth the (estimated) $19.99 - $24.99 it will first appear at.

I think I may have to wait until "Cars" comes out before I venture out to the theaters again. Fortunately that is an early summer release, so my wait isn't that long, which is good

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