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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nature loses this round to nurture

TheWife and I are always conscience of trying not to inflict our personal opinions on our daughter. Now I am not taking about things that are not debatable, such as having good manners, being polite, courteous, etc. Those are not opinions.

What we do strive to avoid are things that are our personal habits. For example, I do not like cooked carrots, I find them... well... blech. But I never make mention of this fact so as to not help LatteGirl to draw a conclusion on them based on what I think.

TheWife's "big" issue is dresses. She is definitely not a girly-girl. My daughter however is the stereotypical princess. She loves wearing dresses, and (her costume) jewerly. Everything needs to be PINK (or purple, but pink is preferred). About the only thing they are in agreement on is they both love to have their nails done.

However, what I have come to notice is that TheWife now seems to be assimilating to LatteGirl's views. First earlier this year it was the pink Razr Phone with matching pink Bluetooth headset, and matching mettalic pink case. 5-1/2 years ago my wife wouldn't be caught dead using such things. TheWife is still holding strong (so far) on her refusal to wear dresses, but her predominantly earthtone and black wardrobe is starting to show some color. Pink being the new color most often seen.

She came to bed last night sporting new pajamas with a bright pink top. I commented on how pretty and PINK it was. "Shut up" she told me, "your daughter picked it out for me." Uh, huh. And she bought it. Obviously if she didn't like it, she wouldn't have purchased it. In the battle of Nature vs. Nurture this backwards battle is clearly won by nurture, and just one more battle of the "girling up" of her mommy was won by LatteGirl.

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