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Friday, March 31, 2006

THAT guy... continued

Yeah, I am going to continue on here about the "poor husband" that felt he needed to go on strike. On his website, he starts out with saying that "All I want is respect from my wife when it comes to raising our children!", and on the surface I could agree with that sentiment.

But then I read his posts (which are now gone, the domain points nowhere, and only a test post is up at, and then I read the interviews he gave to Fox News, KUTV, and Good Morning America, the only issue he has with how his children are being raised is that they are in in his bedroom. It really got summed up for me in this quote from KUTV:

When asked what the biggest problem with his wife is, James said, "No intimacy,
that's number one."

This is not, as I see it, even about a "family bed" situation. That I can understand more if she wanted the kids to always be there and he didn't. The baby is 2 freakin' months old, and I am willing to bet that this poor suffering husband isn't the one to get up for the middle of the night feedings.

What I see here is a guy that marked the "six weeks after" on his calendar, and decided, that's it six weeks, and everything else be damned, "I want my sex life back". So basically he has been waiting, what 2 weeks? Let me ask you, was sex on the top of your priority list immediately after you "could"? (Or was your wife? - for the one or two male readers I have) Do you think maybe he could have spent a LITTLE more time trying to work this out before "going on strike" and calling the media about it? Give me a break! He is making a "statement" for all other husbasnds suffering in silence? He may have to stay on that roof, because with his ego, he may never get back in the door.

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