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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


If you do not believe that people are still guided somewhat at least by animal instincts, then you only need to look as far as a parent (I will acknowledge that this is typically the mother, but since some of us Dads fit in here to I will say 'parent'), that is protecting their child. As as example, I will point to Jenn of Mommy Needs Coffee fame, and her essay over at dotMoms.

But the situation does not necessarily need to be that dramatic to kick things into gear. Yesterday (after having already posted my most lame of posts), I received a phone call from the head of the after-care program that LatteGirl attends two days a week. Please let me take this momment for a Public Service Announcement to School Officials of any sort that contacts parents about 'situations.' After announcing who you are and where you are from, do not stall, pause, stammer, give me a long drawn out, "Ummm", or go into background facts UNTIL you calm me down and let me know that my daughter is 'Fine.'

Anything you say, between "This is Ms. SoAndSo from P.S. ###" and "You daughter is fine" is only background static that I am not paying attention to and you will only have to repeat yourself later when I THEN crave the details of how this occurred, and you wind up only having to sigh and say, "Well, as I just said..." True, you may have said it, but when you did, I did not care and was not listening, I was simply scanning through your static to hear what was at that momment the only thing that matters. My baby (Don't tell LatteGirl I called her that) is OK. Thank You for your cooperation. Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

So, I receive the phone call, 'You daughter had an accident'. A child had pushed my daughter to the sidewalk as they waited for the bus that transported them to the aftercare program. I am not happy already, but they are not done with the facts yet. She has a lump on her head, scrapes on her cheek, a bloody nose and her jeans are torn. An accident report has been written, and she if fine. "I just thought you should know." Well, yeah I should know.

{The following occurred only in my head -- well mostly in my head}

I also want to know who the hell was on duty watching these kids as they waited for the bus! I want her fired. And who is it that knocked down my daughter... I'll teach that little [expletive deleted] to put his hands on my daughter. And where are his parents, I think they need a can of Whoopass opened on them too! Calm Down? Calm The [deleted] Down?!? Don't tell me to calm down, I want heads to roll!

{/End of self rant}

Yes, let me say now I am aware, once my rational side kicked in, that "kids will be kids" and that even with the most attentive teacher, that kids being who they are will cause and get into mischeif from time to time. But that doesn't mean that I have to like it, or that I can control the rage I feel (I can control what I do with it, but not how I feel), when I feel my child has been wronged by another. Instinct at that point takes over... to protect. If I even think you might try to hurt my little girl, I promise you I will hurt you back... exponentially.

What really drove my recognition of this home was, not only my personal reflection once I had calmed down, but several hours later, when TheWife returned home from work, and I got to watch her go through the same cycle. Normally we go through these cycles at the same time, but this time I had a rare opportunity to watch it while having already come to terms and calmed myself. And I will say for anybody that needs to know, while my wife may be 6" and 150 lbs lighter than I am, that in no way will prevent her from inflicting the same (if not greater) level of damage as I may, should she feel you were the cause of our child's pain. Even the caves of Afghanistan would not keep you hidden and safe for any lenghth of time.

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