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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh... THAT'S Why!

You know I often wonder why the Dad's often get (in my opinion) the short end of the stick when it comes to being able to take care of a child. I mean a man can learn, adjust and be just as flexible as a woman when it comes to these things. I have a simply spectacular relationship with my daughter. My wife can come and go as needed and never have to worry that I have the mental competence to deal with the 'chore' of being a parent.

Thursday Night is my "Night Out", I go bowling once a week. And even on those days, I am home for supper and spend as much time with my daughter as I can, which leaves her only usually about a 1/2 hour before bedtime before I actually go out. It is the best situation as I see it (and even my wife seems to agree), since I do not really lose any quality time with her, and still get my night of interaction with adults so that I am not singing Get'cha Head In the Game by the end of the week. With all of that, I still get a song and a dance from LatteGirl begging me not to go (which is more a show at this point I think than actually not wanting me to go), and I feel bad for wasting time that I could spend with her.

Then as I go on my daily blog reading binge, I found a link to this story over at Hey, You. At first glance, it appears to be a joke. At second glance you realize it is not a joke, but hey it is just a blog by a man, who's children will need therapy for years to come. It gets worse as you read that he is "On Strike" because his wife will not follow exactly what he has decided is spoiling them (a 2 month old sleeping in their bed, and a 2 year old with a pacifer). It gets worse (yes it really does) because this clown has garnered some media attention with his stunt. Now you (well I did anyway) go into the comments (over 1600 on his most recent post), and read all the sick bastages that SUPPORT his opinion and cheer him on for "saying what too many people are thinking but afraid to say."

It is at this point, I realize. "Oh, That's why..." so many people can't come to terms with a doting father. Blockheads like this dope are apparently STILL out there if not ACTING like an idiot, then at least THINKING like one.

My apologies to all the women I have taken umbrage with for questioning my wife on the wisdom of leaving our daughter in my care at times, I didn't think dolts like this still existed, and that was an egregious mistake on my part.

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