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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Review: Ice Age The Meltdown

I don't know why I continue to subject myself and my family to this, but I am a sucker to rush to opening weekend to see films. Now I don't get to see Action films, or even romantic-comedies. No, my film diet now seems to consist of Childrens Animated films.

Now, I can probably justfy rushing to opening weekend, because if I don't, once I read the reviews, my desire to see them tends to wane. I should know better, because a film such as this is are generally not going to get great reviews from the likes of Roger Ebert.

The benefit of waiting is of course not wasting good money on going to see the simply awful films like Robots which I fortunately did hold off on and Chicken Little, which with great regret I did rush off to see opening weekend.

But now that I have gone completely off the subject, let us try to get back and talk about this weekends family film, Ice Age: The Meltdown.

To get right to the point for those that don't want an explaination, I will answer the question of, do I think this film is worth spending your money on to go so in the theater. And the short answer to that question is a resounding YES.

Sure there are some negatives to this film which I will readily admit. The storyline is to not put too sharp a point on it weak. It suffers from many of the flaws that you will find in many sequels, such as using running gags from that are popular in the first film far too much in the second film (The squirrel and the acorn).

What it doesn't do however, is try to pretend it is something it is not. This is a comedy, with plenty of sight gags, and jokes with enough double entendres to keep both parents and the little ones laughing throughout. ANd I mean, Laugh Out Loud. It aims for laughs and it delivers. To try and draw some comparisons, if you consider Cinderella a classic story on line with say a Casablanca, then this by quality comparison would be akin to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, funny entertaining, but never in a million years would be mistaken for Academy Award winning material.

It looks like it may be a banner year for family films this year with things such as The Shaggy Dog already out, and some additional good films on their way, such as The Wild and Cars so I can understand people wanting to try and pick and choose carefully where to spend their hard earned money on the now rather expensive trek of going to the theater (That is a whole new rant I will save for another time), but if you are only going to see one film in theaters this year, well then that movie should probably be Cars. But if you are going to see at least two, then I cannot see a reason to not bring the family out to see Ice Age The Meltdown.

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