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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sleep Please... and I'll pass on the funky dreams

Sleep was very difficult to come by this weekend, and when it came along, it came with some rather strange dreams. I will bore with only a little of it.

First of, my wife has been hinting (OK, more than hinting) about getting another dog. Her justification is that our dog Sweetie is getting up there in years and that it will improve the quality of her life to have another dog around. We have (up until now) always been one to rescue a dog from a shelter, but now she wants a Weimaraner. You know. The dogs that they always dress up for Greeting Cards and the like? (Of course I can't find a picture right now to post of the "Weinmaraner is Suits" I am talking about) Anyway, I guess this has been sitting in my head as I had a dream that I lost my job... to a Weimanger. He was sitting at my desk. And in a suit. Yes, it sounds absurd (as surely it is), but I must tell you, such a scenario playing out in your brain leaves you quite distraught when awake.

The second is much easier to understand, and probably has infected other parents as well that have, as I have, watched "High School Musical" one too many times. And while I do not recall the exact situation of my dream, let me just say that having Zac Effron and Ashley Tisdale (and whoever it was that played Chad) in your dreams, seemingly fitting into your everyday life, can leave you looking over your shoulder at breakfast the next morning.

Oh, and while I am on High School Musical for a momment, I have to ask, what is up with Marilyn Moss and her simply awful review of this movie? I mean, c'mon this is a made for TV movie, and one targeted (primarily) at kids. When she calls this, "This is formulaic, cookie-cutter television moviemaking at its most obvious." I can't help but wonder, What the hell has she been watching? What was the last made for T.V. show that actually took a chance on a "musical"? CopRock? (I was sure CopRock had destroyed any chances of a musical being on television ever again). This was a definite pleasant change from what passes as entertainment for kids, and introduced many to a form of entertainment that unless they have the opportunity to see a Broadway show, will never get to see again. Was it the greatest movie of the year? Well, no. But you know what... when I see (people's) reviews of movies like, "The Shaggy Dog" and "Curious George" it seems to me that Disney has a decent release here, and not making us go to the theaters to see it was only a bonus. The songs were fun and despite having them drummed into my head during commercials (Disney Style), were still enjoyable while watching the movie. I think Ms. Moss needs to take it down a notch.

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