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Saturday, April 08, 2006

5-1/2 going on Teenager

I so needed to blog about this, that I couldn't even wait until Monday as usual. (Am I destined to move off of my Mon - Fri routine?)

LatteGirl and I are hanging out together on Friday evening, giving Mommy her weekly "sanity" time away from us, and she informs me that she needs to call her friend from school (the same friend she had invited on vacation with us).

So, being intrigued as well as amused, I said OK, and helped her dial the phone to call her friend. Not expecting this to be a very long call, I decided to put off dinner until after the call, just so I could eavesdrop and ensure she didn't start inviting her to anything else.

She chatted for about and hour, before I told her that was enough, and that it was time for dinner. She nods at me, holds up her hand as to say, "1 minute" and proceeds to chat away. After a loud throat clearing to remind her that it was time to end the call she says to her friend, "Look I'm gonna have to call ya back later... Yeah my dad wants me off the phone. I'll call you after dinner"

After dinner she tells me she needs to call her friend again. I ask her why since she saw her all day at school and talked to her for over an hour. She tells me, "We were in the middle of something, and I just gotta talk to her OK?" So, I offer to help her call her friend, she tells me, "No need, I'll just hit redial" OK, so she now has a better grasp on the features of the phone than my wife does.

She then proceeds to talk for another hour. Not talking about anything particularly important. TV shows, Barbie dolls, etc. When I tell her enough is enough, I get a loud over dramatic sigh and she says to her friend, "Sorry my dad is getting on my case, I'll have to talk to you tomorrow"

What the heck?

I didn't think I was going to have to deal with this "girl talk" and her taking over my phone at least until she hit middle school. Not kindergarten! I know kids are doing so much more than we (OK, fine... than I did) at 5 1/2 years old, but geez. I just can't get over this.

Of course what is probably bothering me most is that my baby, my little princess is growing up and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.

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