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Friday, April 07, 2006

Doesn't this go without saying? - Judge: Mom who killed baby insane - Apr 7, 2006, so now Dena Schlosser will not go to jail for severing the arms of her daughter off. I'm Sorry! While I agree she must be insane (what person in their right mind could do something like this to another human being, let alone their 10 month old daughter), I have to admit that I am disappointed that this will end this way.

I was baffled when the jury wound up in a deadlock the first time around, and am now sorry that she will get off so easily. Yes, in this case, I consider her spending time in a mental care facility "easy" The only just solution would have been to cut off her own arms and allow her to bleed out like she did to that poor defenseless child.

Between this nut job, Andrea Yates (who we will once again get to see on trial this year), and Deanna Laney, it has not been a stellar past could of years for Texas' children.

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