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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday on my mind

Well, at this time (10:14 am EDT), one week from now the family and I will be on the way to Hershey PA., I will be blogging LIVE thanks to AvantBlog. Photos may have to wait for daily uploads since Flickr Mobile does not work with Yahoo! ID's, you had to have been a member prior to the Yahoo! takeover, which I was not.

Of course, that means I need to get LatteGirl's present from the Easter Bunny Wrapped, and down to Grandma's house before then. (Oh yeah, my mom is making Easter Dinner, so when we get back from our little mini-vaction, we don't even need to worry about cooking.) When the heck am I going to find the time to do that? Damn.

I normally keep my political commentary on my other blog, but I must simply say, if the people of Georgia put McKinney back after she made such a spectacle of herself, and tried to cover her tracks with a B.S. apology after witnesses were called before a grand jury on the matter, well then the members of her district need their heads examined.

CMHL over at Crouching Mommy Hidden Laundry did today's entire post in Haiku. I wish I was creative enough to think of something original like that. I'm not.

Can anbody tell me why the Government needs Google to provide them with data in their quest to push the 1st Admentment Squashing, poorly named Child Online Protection Act? Seems to me all they need to do is get the good on from their own appointees. Seems to me that that catching sickos like hims should be higher on the list of priorities than the attempted "moralizing" of the Internet (and if you haven't read COPA, that is why it was struck down... Protecting Children - GOOD, trying to tack "morals" clauses on the back end - BAD).

Has anybody else checked out Yahoo! Answers? I spent a few days hanging out there answering questions. I like the idea. But quickly get bored with the amount of static, stupid inane things people pose as questions. But then again I have a low tolerance level for such things.

I've trying to find the right way to tie up this post and end it neatly. Doesn't seem to be one so...

The End.

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