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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scientologist proving thin skinned

First it was Isaac Hayes quitting his role as The Chef, citing the "insensitivity" of South Park over the Scientology episode (apparently episodes picking on Catholocism, Judaism, etc was OK, but to pick on Scientology was insensitive). But now it is being rumored that Tom Cruise threatened not to promote Mission Impossible 3 if a re-run of the episode was not cancelled. (See Is Tom Cruise taking on South Park? -

Of course Mr. Cruise has a bit more to be upset about since the running gag throughout the episode is that "Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet."

I would of course be remiss if I didn't point out that you do not need to wait for Comedy Central (which I will point out is owned by Viacom which also happens to own Paramount Pictures, the producers of Mission Impossible 3 if you were wondering how everything was connected) to rerun the episode. Want to watch it? Just Click here.

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