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Monday, March 13, 2006

Daddy Daughter Dance

We actually spent more time getting ready for the Daddy/Daughter Dance than we did AT the dance.

She was all smiles when she received her corsage, and was proud to show it off in front of the lockers for the one good photo op I had.

Soon, after this, the dark gym (where the DJ and "dance floor" was located, got to her as she again remembered that her friend had told her that she had to kiss ALL the boys at the dance, and she began to freak out and cry.

We went to get some refreshments, but even there she was reserved, quiet and wouldn't even talk to her friends that were around. She again broke down into tears and said she wanted to go home.

So, we made an early departure. On the walk home, I made her take a detour to the corner store (which at this point she really didn't want to do). I picked up some Chocolate Ice Cream.

We went home, changed into sweats, made ourselves a couple of sundae's, rolled out a blanket on the living room rug, and ate our ice cream while watched Stitch The Movie.

The frown and tears went away. And although it wasn't what we had originally planned we had a fantastic Daddy/Daughter night together.

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