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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Keepin' up

It should be easy to keep up with a six year old... shouldn't it? I have tons I had planned to write, but so far, I have been kept running by LatteGirl. Admittedly, she has me wrapped around her little finger, knows it and is using it to her benefit.

Yesterday, was game playing all morning, in the afternoon she had a playdate with a couple of friends, which fortunately also game me a couple of hours of adult conversation. Once we were along again, she hung on me and "demanded" attention constantly. Any momment that she was left to her own devices, even if watching one of her movies, if I walked more than ten feet away, she reminded me (again) how much she is missing TheWife and feeling "lonely." Is it a ploy? Of course it is. But I fall for it anyway.

9:30 AM, we are now off to go bowling, and we are going to my mother's this afternoon, which will give me some time to breath, but also leaves me without an internet connection, etc. Aw well, I have a book I have been trying to finish for some time now... maybe, just maybe I will finish i off.

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