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Monday, November 27, 2006

So it is not just me (or you)

Today's article, For kids, is 10 the new 15? from MSNBC finally lets us know we as parents are not losing our minds, or just "turning into our parents." That teen/tween line has been breeched and kids are in fact doing more sooner.

I guess it is in some senses not really all that strange, I mean my daughter is doing school work in the 1st grade that I didn't do, probably until the third grade (or later). We (society) learned that children are sponges that absorb knowledge at an exrtemely fast pace, so we encourage that. What it seems we haven't considered is where that acceleration could lead.

(Now I am not advocating slowing down the learning process. I think it is wonderful that a child can absorb so much and we should feed that thirst for knowledge. )

Now as the Associated Press article states, some of it is currently attributed to nutrition. As an outspoken critic again hormone laced milk products, I of course will lay some blame here as well, though exactly how much is easily debatable.

External stimuli is of course also a factor. I mean regardless of the fact that I control what and how much television my daughter watches, or what she reads, etc. Outside influences (ie. school friends, etc) still have an effect.

So what do we do? How do we stop them from trying to grow up too fast? At least I now know it is not just me.

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