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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Like I am sure every parent thinks about their child, I think LatteGirl is absolutely gorgeous. And from time to time, TheWife and I have pondered the possibility of trying to get her involved in commercials or modeling.

As TheWife and LatteGirl were leaving the photo studio where we get LatteGirl's Christmas photos done (yes, we are THOSE parents, that insist on sending pictures of our daughter for a card), a person approached my wife, and gave her a card. She said she was from an agency, and that they needed people like my daughter. They exchanged some information, and the person said they would be in touch.

When told about it, I was immediately skeptical. (Not exactly a big jump for me). I said to TheWife how it sounded like a scam to me, one of those "modeling agencies" that are more interested in selling headshot packages, because they really have no "clients" looking for models. TheWife was quite annoyed, claiming I had no knowledge on which to base my suppositions.

They called over the weekend. I took the call, and the lady on the other end wanted to set up an appointment, immediately... as in even on Sunday. She heard the questioning tone in my voice, and in trying to "reassure" me, she actually fed my skepticism. "Don't worry, Mr. Latte this is a no-cost or obligation meeting" Yup, there is was. Clear as day (to me). She wouldn't need to reassure me that their was "no obligation" unless she had plans to sell me something. I decided, I was just too sure that this was a sell you pictures scam, so I decided to defer it to TheWife and let her speak to the representative.

SO TheWife, aware of my skeptical feelings asked what was to be expected and or discussed at this meeting. The lady said, it depended on the representative, and what they thought of LatteGirl, and of course what sort of Marketing Package we would need...

TheWife is of course now feeling as skeptical as I had all along. I feel bad (OK, well I started to feel bad right after I said, "I told you so"). But she still has some lingering thoughts about it. Maybe we DO need to get a "marketing package" (even if it isn't from these people). Maybe we should be trying to get her face out there if we are ever going to be serious about her possibly getting into commercials or child modeling. It would be nice to have that to add to her college fund

I just don't know. Part of me would love to see her do that sort of stuff. But of course part of me just thinks about that stupid over made up picture of Jon Benet Ramsey, and make me feel like even thinking about her doing something like that (even if it is solely for her college fund/future) is exploiting.

I just don't know what to do.

What would you do?

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