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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Un-Weekend

The weekend did not turn out as planned, and my quest for an over abundance of Apple Cider, Hay Rides and such had to be put off until next weekend.

Can you hear the disappointment? Actually TheWife and LatteGirl did wind up having an excursion without me yesterday, since it seemed like the whole world was off yesterday... except me, and after this weekend, I really needed to make some money yesterday.

This weekend became (somehow) about shopping. Shopping for winter clothes, shopping for "vacation clothes" (We are going away for a 3 day weekend. Does that really necessitate a separate shopping trip?), shopping for additional Halloween decorations (I think this one was to placate me). So this weekend became, in a word... Expensive.

Now I probably could have limited the damage somewhat by taking a bit harder line with budgets, but I am admittedly feeling the guilt of LatteGirl being stuck in a uniform all week long at school. So when she picks out a Coat and Snowsuit from L.L. Bean, I don't think twice about getting it for her. Could I find something similar, elsewhere for less. Most likely. But since we have taken away her ability to choose clothing for such a majority of the time now because of school, I figure if that is what she wants, then the least I can do, is provide her with the ability to choose her coat and such, that do meet her 'style.' When she wants to take a trip to the mall so she any Mommy can get her a few new dresses, I say 'OK.' Note how I don't even get invited to the mall... this way they just give me the tab later, without me spoiling the fun of reminding them of how much we have spent "so far" during the trip. This is usually (but not always) more about how long we have been at the mall, and not really so much about how much we have spent. But I guess either way, I am encroaching on their girl time fun. So I am left behind, to pray that the Credit Cards don't burst into flames before they decide to return.

I am however, still without a costume, with 3 days left before we depart to Hershey PA (again). One day is my bowling night, and one night TheWife works the last shift. That leaves either tonight, or stopping somewhere along the way on Friday. The pressure mounting, and I am sure to hear about it (my procrastinating). Of course it is 3 weeks until Halloween, so can not having a costume 3 weeks in advance really be considered procrastinating? When you need it BEFORE Halloween it does? Oh Shut up! I got some shopping to do.

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