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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Too conceited to 'blog'

Alright, this is a bit old... but it is still one of the 5 "top stories" on the page. If you check out Brian Ross and the Investigative team on the ABC Website, one of the five "prime" stories on the site, is this one. It seems that "blogging" is beneath Mr. Ross because he is a "journalist."

Apparently blogging has become popular enough and important enough that MSNBC, CNN, Faux News, and most other media outlets include blogs in some fashion or another. But apparently that is not good enough for Mr. Ross, that "instead" of a blog, as he describes it:

"It's meant to be our take on the old-fashioned police blotter, where events of note were recorded as they unfolded..."

If Mr. Ross had done some investigation, what he would have found that when you LOG events like this on the WEB, that is called a Web Log, or for short a BLOG. Of course to make this even funnier, when you follow the link to his "blotter" the URL is and is in fact powered by TypePad.

Call it what you want Mr. Conceited Journalist Man Ross. It is a BLOG. Get over it.

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