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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Picture Perfect Thursday IV - At the Farm

I want all of these
Originally uploaded by JayMonster.

Perhaps it is because I was raised by a man that enjoyed organic gardening. Perhaps since my grandfather was also a gardener, it is just the way I assumed everybody did things.

I have always enjoyed vegetable gardending. And although thanks to the overrun of toys from Little Tykes, and Step 2, and so on, that I have not been able to maintain much space for myself in keeping my own garden, I still have a certain affinity for... (lacking a better term) farm life.

I make no bones about supporting family farms... heck I participated with some wonderful folks this year at Blogathon to raise money for Farm Aid. I prefer shopping at Farmer's Markets whenever possible, and when the cold weather shuts most of the local farms, we gravitate towards places like Whole Foods, shying away from pesticides, Genetically Modified Foods, and the like.

It is a love that I have shared with LatteGirl and one she has really taken to. Despite the allergies she inhereted from me and Asthma from her mom, she has never let this interfere with her enjoyment of going to a farm, seeing the animals, picking fruits, vegetables, and finding just the right pumpkin for Halloween.

It really stuck with me, when the last time we got some fresh apple cider from a local farm, that after drinking some, LatteGirl commented, "It tastes like you are drinking an apple," and followed that up with the million dollar question, "Why don't all apple juices taste like this?" And as I searched for an explaination, it really hit me. Why doesn't it? Why don't we all demand better? Why have we settled for less, and accept it as OK? When I was done, the best I could answer her was, "I don't know."

What I do know is that I am happy that I have been able to share this all with her, and that she gets it.

(Why is this called "Picture Perfect Thursday"? Well you have to go visit Liz over at This Full House for more details. If you do join in, please let me know)

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