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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Picture Perfect Thursday III - "Leaving Summer"

Originally uploaded by JayMonster.
Autumn is once again upon us. A time for putting away the summer chairs and patio funiture, packing up the yard toys and the seemingly never ending task of raking leaves.

This photo that I took a year ago (a year ago? really? Geez) occurred during another one of those times that LatteGirl helped remind me to stop and appreciate what is around me.

She loves, picking up colorful leaves, making her version of decorations and center-pieces out of them. But just as important to her is her seemingly unabashed love for nature. No expensive toys needed this day, no huge plans or trips. Entertainment is as simple as jumping in a huge pile of leaves.

She is not alone of course in this. Kids everywhere love that opportunity to just dive into that pile of leaves. Unfortunately many times, the adults of the world, forget too easily the joys of such things, only concerned with getting chores done, or not wanting to have to "rake all those leaves again" to let these simple yet wonderful chances to take place.

Autumn offers many people, who do not give it a second thought most of the time to sort of get reconnected with this planet we live on. It is a time for Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking, enjoying a warm glass of apple cider on a crisp autumn day and many other simple pleasures that we tend to ignore in our techno-rushed world we live in.

As I have gotten older, autumn started to lose some of this for me personally. It became the time of year for Antique Shopping (OK, TheWife was shopping, I was just the "bag man"), "winterizing" and other things that made the season dreary for me, as by the time I finished everything else, I missed it. Autumn was gone and winter was already upon us.

This year, I hope to take more of that in. Stop to see the color. Look at the world again like a kid. And maybe, just maybe take a leap into a pile of leaves. Won't you join me? I'll have the warm cider ready.

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