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Friday, October 06, 2006

As if you didn't know

Well, I have been talking about it on and off for the past week or two, but the time is here. This weekend we will be off to "the countryside" (better known as 'Western NJ') for our trip for picking some apples and pumpkins, hay rides and petting zoos, and yes... apple cider, entirely too much (in my wife's opinon) apple cider.

It is supposed to be cloudy but with temperatures in the sixties for a change it should be an excellent weekend for it. Last year it was so warm, I was lamenting not wearing shorts (although I was happy I didn't once we hopped onto the tractor for the hayride).

We are heading out on this trip a little earlier than usual this year because next weekend, we decided to take a little weekend excursion out to Hershey PA (yes again... so what?). I mean what better place is there to go around Halloween season than that?

Oh, *&$&&*^%$# I just realized, I still don't have a costume yet! Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute I always say.

Pictures of course to follow. So what is on YOUR weekend agenda?

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