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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It has been an educational week

I have learned a lot of things I was blissfully unaware of before, and thought I would share some of my newly acquired nuggets of wisdom with you.

1. If you write a post that is worthy of being linked to by blogs that actually have a readership (like Crouching Mommy Hidden Laundry and I am the Goober Queen) , you really should have something interesting to follow it up with.

2. No matter how bad (0-1-1 so far) the U.S. may stink on the World Cup Stage, we will apparently always hold out hope, and put the best spin on it we can.

3. I can't help but wonder what the Religious Right will say about the vaccine for Cervical Cancer now that a new study was published stating that Condom Use Reduces Women's HPV Risk.

4. That when Corporations like AT&T are caught breaking the law, all they need to do is change the rules, so that it becomes "legal." According to the article, besides revealing customer informtion, only to "respond to subpoenas, court orders or other legal process, to the extent required and/or permitted by law," it now covers "protect its legitimate business interests" or to be more blunt about it, "whenever they want to." So if they are looking for a new cherry contract from the government it would thus be legal to divulge any customer data they wish, because doing so would be a "legitimate" business interest. Any chance AT&T had of winning me back as a customer is clearly now gone.

5. It turns out I am not the only person in the world that is sick of hearing about Angelina Jolie and Family.

6. I find it amazing that Senators can sleep at night, when since the last Federal increase in the Minimum Wage, they have increased their own salaries nine times, increasing by more than $35,000, but can still vote down a mimimum wage increase to $7.25 OVER almost TWO YEARS, a whopping increase of $1.10/hour. Apparently they do not want low income workers to take part in this "growing economy" they keep telling us is there.

7. I learned that although today is her last real day of school (tomorrow is a Pizza Party), that I am not quite ready to call my daughter a "1st Grader." As far as I am concerned, she doesn't move up until September. This will at least stall some of the "she's growing up so fast" whining until then.

Hey, I never said this was earth-shattering stuff. So tell me, what have you learned lately?

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