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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Live (delayed) from Hershey PA

Pictures are going to have to wait, sorry about that.

Day 1 is in the books. I know I had promised more on the spot coverage but connectivity is spottier than initially anticipated and LatteGirl and TheWife were also more resistant to me pausing constantly to blog (though this came as no real surprise I guess I was hoping against the odds).

The trip out was far more tedious than we expected. Roadwork that was listed as completed back in March, is actually far from complete and added an extra hour to our 2 -1/2 hour drive. This forced TheWife to drop LatteGirl and I off at the hotel and make a mad dash to her Spa appointment. Not a problem as LatteGirl and I spent the time getting some lunch and exploring the hotel until our room was ready.

As you would imagine images and actual Hershey products are everywhere. Checking in included Hershey bars for eveyone, the check at every meal includes a handful of assorted Hershey minatures. Pictures of various candies are everywhere, but I have to admit being a little surprised by the "Kisses" wallpaper and pillowcases (I kid you not). The distinct smell of chocolate also seems to waft through the air almost constantly, even now, hours after all the shops and restaurants have closed.

It is now after midnight, and LatteGirl and TheWife have long since retired to slumber, and I had better follow suit as we have quit the day planned tomorrow (well actually later today at this point), including the Amusement Park, Chocolate Factory and Museum.

At this point I figure to be blogging about it probably about the same time tomorrow, assuming I survive the pace my ladies have planned for me.

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